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How inner authority can unleash strong leadership


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5 Non-Negotiables for Intentional Leadership

"Life and leadership is about letting go and taking that next step." - Tim Hebert

We hear over and over that the workplace of tomorrow is here. Employees have changing expectations of their workplaces including: environments that support them in being their authentic selves, provide ample leadership development opportunities and foster the spirit of co-creation and collaboration.

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For more than 25 years as CEO of Atrion, an IT services company, Tim Hebert was committed to building the workplace of tomorrow. The office building, boasting more than 30,000-square feet of space, was entirely open. Conference room tables were largely circular, not square, to break down hierarchical standards. An Employee Advisory Council was created to ensure that the culture remained employee- versus employer-driven. And once a year, employees got to attend a beloved Oscar Night, a chance to affectionately roast and toast self-proclaimed Atrionites. To Tim, intentional leaders actively build the workplaces of tomorrow, rather than remain rooted in the present. In this workshop, you will have the chance to visit and spend time in the workplace of tomorrow. You will explore concepts like circular hierarchy, authentic leadership and coalition-driven vision. Specifically, you will be armed with actionable tips and tricks on how to prepare for and evolve your own leadership style to support this fast-approaching workplace. You will dive into how to:

  • Build unbreakable, remarkable department or corporate culture
  • Set and execute against vision—and actively enlist your teams in marching towards that dream
  • Hone and strengthen trust across your team and organization
  • Nourish the superheroes within your organization, impacting your ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Evolve your thinking and behaviors against a circular, versus traditional, hierarchical model


Time: Full- or half-day workshop

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Audience Size: 15-30

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58% of  people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. – Harvard Business Review