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How inner authority can unleash strong leadership


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ON Leadership Conference

Using the transformational power of intentionality to create personal and professional leadership success

The ON Leadership Conference invites professionals of all experience levels to come out for an unforgettable day of learning and growth. ON returns May 1, 2024 to explore the transformational theme of Leadership Alchemy. Come join us!

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Unlock the transformative potential of intentional leadership in our upcoming conference, Leadership Alchemy. Delve into the art of intentional leadership as the catalyst for personal and professional success. Just as alchemists turn base metals into gold, intentional leaders skillfully craft their strategies, turning intentions into tangible leadership success.

Join us on May 1st for a dynamic exploration of how intentional leadership acts as a powerful transformation force, shaping individuals and organizations. Discover the alchemy of leadership, where intentionality becomes the catalyst for creating a future defined by personal and professional triumphs.

The ON Leadership Conference, presented by Dirigo Academy and national leadership activator Tim Hebert, assembles individuals who desire to lead more impactful, fulfilling lives and careers. Attendees leave armed with frameworks, perspectives, and methodologies to approach their leadership journey with greater intention and confidence.

This year’s theme views leadership through the lens of alchemy, the mysterious and at times magical practice of transformation. Be it transformation of mind, matter or spirit, alchemy is an apt metaphor for a leader’s journey from their current state to a future ideal. Together we will explore how intentionality can be the catalyst that accelerates the alchemical process and enables good people to become great leaders.

This event is for you if you are:

  • Eager to become more effective and successful in your leadership journey
  • Driven to live your life by design, not by default
  • Interested in learning how to stand up, take action, and own your leadership potential
  • A leader who believes that title and place on the corporate ladder have no bearing on your ability to enact powerful moments of transition
  • An entrepreneur, solopreneur, or business professional of any kind who is ready to reach for and take hold of something more

The ON Conference is always a premier event, with a cohort of remarkable attendees and unique speakers. We combine the best elements of some of the nation’s most popular events (think TED, Ignite-talks, and Wisdom 2.0) with our own passion for quality and differentiation, so that you can leave with your cup full and your mind inspired.


DATE: May 1, 2024

LOCATION: The Event Factory, 144 Metro Center Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886


8:00AM  Registration

9:00AM  Welcome
Chris Kardos & Patrice Jean-Philippe

9:15AM  Keynote Address

  • “Life by Design: Your Power to Shape Every Moment”
    Tim Hebert, Founder & CEO of Dirigo

10:30AM  Break

10:45AM  Spotlight Speakers

  • “Demystifying Strategic Leadership”
    Dave Ramsden, Partner, Dirigo
  • “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss: Embracing the Pathway to Growth”
    Garry Foisy, Partner, Dirigo

12:00PM  Lunch

1:00PM  Lightning Talks

2:00PM  Surprise Afternoon Session

3:00PM  Closing Address
Tim Hebert, Founder & CEO, Dirigo

3:30PM  Networking at Lobby Bar

Event Registration

Fast Facts:

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  • We are always soliciting speakers for ON Leadership. Though our formal Request to Speak process will kick-off in 2024, you can submit a speaker abstract at any time by emailing us here