Inspired Leadership Series

This recurring events series unites local leaders for an evening of learning, connection and exploration as we dive deep into a core leadership concept. Each event kicks off with a spotlight speaker who—through a Lightning talk—will spark conversation around a core leadership theme, followed by facilitated small group work and discussion so you can expand, synthesize and apply lessons.

The Details /

During the 19th century Transcendentalism movement, great American writers, philosophers and theorists—Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Margaret Fuller, and the like—would convene in the greater Boston area monthly to share ideas and expand their perspective about humanitarian causes, education, social issues, politics and philosophy. In many ways, they were laying the ground-work for modern day leadership by embracing the growth mindset and pushing the boundaries on what is possible.

The Inspired Leadership Series, a recurring event series, pays homage to this practice by bringing together local leaders, thought leaders and innovators like you for an evening of learning, connection and exploration. Each event features a spotlight speaker, followed by facilitated small group work and discussion.

June 10 Event – Leadership is a Choice

“Action is what converts human dreams into significance.” – John C. Maxwell

The most critical leadership skill is our ability to be decisive, stand up and take action. Intentional leaders make choices. They choose to be decisive and take bold actions to move them forward to their next big moment.

Oftentimes, we know the decisions we want to make about our businesses, our professional journey and our careers but, many times, we don’t take action for fear we are making the wrong choice.

Join us for our next Inspired event to:

  • Dive into what it means to be an intentional leader who chooses a life of action, versus inaction
  • Learn how to feel more grounded and convicted in your decision-making
  • Cultivate proven behaviors and mindsets that will help you feel confident taking action, even when the power of choice feels more confusing than ever

This event is SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for details on the next Inspired


How it Works

We leverage a proven format for our Inspired series. Here’s an inside look into the experience:

  • Join fellow leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers in an intimate setting designed to stimulate conversation and connection
  • Dive deep into a facet of leadership, teed up by our featured speaker and then ultimately further explored by YOU
  • Expand your thinking so you can evolve and strengthen your leadership presence
  • Enjoy time to reflect, stretch and be still
  • Cultivate relationships with new friends, colleagues and contacts



  • June 10 – SOLD OUT!
  • September TBD
  • October TBD


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Fast Facts:

  • Registration for each Inspired event opens up 4 weeks before the date
  • Seating will be limited so be sure to save your spot early!
  • Each month we will explore a different leadership theme.
  • These events are for leaders of all industries, professions, backgrounds and experience levels, so long as you come ready to learn and share!