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Craft A Winning Culture

"Culture is the singularly most important asset a company can have." - Tim Hebert

Quite simply, culture is a “way of life” for a group of people. Within a business, this way of life is accepted, generally without much thought, and is passed along from person to person through communication and imitation. Every organization is unique in the way it lives, breathes and executes. Understanding this—and what your culture should be—is critically important for a leader.

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Too often organizations struggle to develop a winning culture because it’s hard to control. It’s like trying to push water; it ends up flowing to the lowest points and sinking into the cracks. Culture is similar. You can’t control, mandate or manage it. Rather, you have to nurture and hone it. For more than two decades as CEO of Atrion, an IT services firm, Tim Hebert helped his team shape and evolve the tenets of a winning corporate culture. This conviction to cultivate a strong, healthy, robust culture resulted in Atrion being named a Best of Places to Work company for seven consecutive years, even as the company soared to more than 250 employees scattered geographically. To build a superior corporate culture, organizations need to consider the way in which ideology, people and experiences shape environment. During the workshop, you’ll explore how to:

  • Create and implement core components of ideology—purpose, vision and core values—to create engaged, empowered workplace cultures
  • Depend upon your culture as a compass, providing your organization directional points
  • Preserve and craft culture at the team- and organizational-level
  • Enable culture to be employee- rather than employer-driven


Time: Full- or half-day workshop

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Audience Size: 15-30

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94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. – Deloitte