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Accountability: The Choice to Be Responsible

Do you exhibit a high degree of responsibility and ownership for your work?

Too often in business, we hear the phrases “It’s not my job” or "It's not my fault." We may see leaders looking over their shoulder to place blame rather than owning their role in the outcome. We may see others resort to blame-storming, pull out the victim card and make excuses. In short, we may see unaccountable leaders.

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Ask a number of executives and employees about the chief reason companies experience problems with leadership, culture and empowerment and many will agree it’s because a lack of accountability prevails through the organization. While leaders feel their employees don’t hold themselves accountable, employees tend to feel there is a lack of responsibility at the executive level. At the end of the day, you can choose to be accountable or not. If you are accountable, you’re focused on the desired results and outcomes, regardless of the circumstance. If you are not, you get distracted, focused instead on unbecoming habits like playing the victim card, blamestorming and making excuses. As CEO of Atrion, an IT services firm, for more than 25 years, Tim Hebert fostered and instilled a culture of accountability. Every team member not only had a high degree of personal accountability but felt privileged to carry the responsibility to hold their colleagues to the same high standard. During the workshop, you’ll explore how to:

  • Develop a modern definition of accountability that drives more effective outcomes
  • Cultivate individual and team behaviors that foster a culture of accountability
  • Create vocabulary and understanding of these concepts and behaviors within teams and across the organization
  • Foster a stronger culture—departmentally or organizationally—of personal accountability and greater transparency


Time: Full- or half-day workshop

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Audience Size: 15-30

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“Toxic leaders fail to put the onus of accountability on themselves. Toxic leaders are the first to point elsewhere when something is going wrong and the first to gloat when something is going right.” – Tim Hebert