The Intentional Leader

How inner authority can unleash strong leadership


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You may be wondering: what’s different about a Tim Hebert Workshop? Whether you book a custom or attend a public workshop, here’s what you can expect:

Experiential Exercises: There is no passive listening. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, make friends with a neighbor and step out of your comfort zone with highly interactive, hands-on learning.

Customized Leadership Training: Tim’s preparation for each session, and his adaptive educational style, create a feeling that this workshop was created just for you.

Authentic Sharing: The content in Tim’s workshops are a delicate blend of proven leadership frameworks and personal anecdotes that have made this perennial entrepreneur a proven success. Nothing is off limits!



Introspective Work: Your workshop does not start when you walk through the door but rather from the moment you choose to register. It also does not end when the workshop is finished. Whether it’s pre-, live- or post-course work, these workshops are full of moments for introspection and action planning.

Continued Learning Opportunities: Workshop graduates have access to ongoing education in the form of webinars, white papers, social media groups and emails, among other things.

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Are you looking to discuss critical corporate milestones (e.g. becoming a stronger more effective leader, cultivating a vibrant corporate culture, planning for and executing mergers & acquisitions, securing investment funding, etc.) with a seasoned professional? Tim Hebert offers select Executive Coaching services for intentional leaders looking to more masterfully tackle core business issues.

Please note: A thorough interview/review process will be conducted with candidates before pairing with Tim.