The Intentional Leader

How inner authority can unleash strong leadership


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Pam Hyland

Tim’s Leadership Challenge Workshop provides the safe yet challenging space for individuals to go deep in examining their personal values […]

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Andrew Cortes

Tim is a catalyst for innovation. His energy created a spark in the minds of the audience; his facilitation nurtured […]

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Carrie Majewski

“Transitions can feel overwhelming, but Tim has a powerful way of helping you recognize that they are actually fortuitous moments […]

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Kathy O’Neel-Webster

“Tim’s workshop provided opportunity for exploration and growth. His perspective on framing transitions as a positive ‘gift’ and focusing on […]

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Liz Malloy

“You leave this workshop with a better understanding of yourself, how to leverage your strengths and understand challenges for any […]

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Vanessa Toledo-Vickers

“Tim connects with the audience, delivering the message in a way that is significant to the listener. The audience can […]

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Kevin Brassard

“Tim does a good job of making the topic ‘approachable’ and relevant to the audience. His ability to insert related […]

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Darlene Morris

“Tim is an excellent storyteller. He is able to find a relevant example of whatever concept he is explaining. This […]

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Tamara Gonyea

“The workshop truly pushed me to think of things in a new and refreshed light. I feel my skills as […]

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Shannon O’Donnell

“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Challenge. I especially enjoyed talking about core values […]

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Brendan Rogers

“We got into discussions covering all the basis of what separates a good leader from a poor one. Great use […]

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Brian McDonnell

“The Leadership Challenge Workshop is an eye-opening experience that guides you to become the leader you should be.”

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