Good Morning Friends!


This week was awesome and I hope yours was too!

On Wednesday, we officially launched our Inspired Leadership Series, recurring events that unite leaders for an evening of learning, connection and exploration.

Our spotlight speaker Chris Poe kicked us off, introducing his “Big Bang Vision” concept and helping attendees explore how to be intentional and focused about creating a big vision in a way that enlists others. Our attendees then added their unique perspectives and insights during our small group discussion portion.

Check our Facebook page to see pictures from the night!

Our next Inspired event, “Leading with Authenticity and Intention,” is right around the corner on March 4. Grab the details and register here. Be sure to register early. We sold out within days for our February one!

As we get ready to head into the weekend, here are a few leadership thoughts to keep you thinking…

Know What You Stand For

Some people are purposeful about identifying and living by their core values. Others have solid mission statements. But I find many don’t consider their Ideology, the barometer by which you will measure all your choices.

Intentional leaders know what they stand for unequivocally and unapologetically. They don’t tolerate situations, behaviors, or individuals that are counter to their personal code of law.

In my latest blog (click here), I talk about the importance of knowing your ideology and being aware of how it shapes all your decisions.

Event: Achieve Stronger Execution

Goal-setting, and achieving those core objectives, can be challenging. That’s why I am excited to partner with AWE’s Lisa Bergeron and Tejal Tarro for Activate 2020!, a highly engaging, practical, and immersive simulation experience that is designed to help advance your goals. During this event, taking place Feb. 27 in Warwick, we will explore the human side of goal-setting and learn how to communicate effectively, manage uncomfortable situations, and navigate change successfully. Once you register you will be invited to join our simulation company, ActivateLabs, where you will explore a simple model to achieve better execution and completion of goals and objectives.

Click here to register and please use the promo code “Activate2020” to enjoy a $20 discount.

[Video] The Right Way to Tie Your Shoes

Is it possible you’ve been tying your shoes wrong your whole life? Perhaps, according to this 3-minute TED talk (click here)!

What’s the leadership lesson in here you might ask? There’s always the possibility to see something you’ve always known to be true through a fresh lens. So… what else requires a second look from you?

Is Your Culture Strong?

Did you know only 37% of employees like their company’s culture (source)? Pretty low when you consider just how much companies “seem to be” investing in building healthy cultures.

What about you? Do you think your employees feel good about your culture?

All Ideas Welcome

“The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.” — Lady Bird Johnson

I love this quote. It speakers of the importance of diversity of thought, co-creation and safe space for dialogue. As leaders, it is our responsibility to create atmospheres where disagreement, as well as agreement, is welcomed and honored.

This quote is not about clashing for the sake of clashing; but rather, to arrive at the best possible outcome. Here’s to healthy clashing of ideas!

Upcoming Workshops

Check them out, and I hope to see you there!

  • Feb. 27: Activate 2020, click here for more and to register
  • March 4: Inspired Leadership Series, “Leading with Authenticity and Intention,” click here to register
  • June 17-18: Leadership Challenge Workshop, click here for more and to register


Warmest Regards,

Tim Hebert