Good Morning Friends!


Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had the great pleasure of hiking Saddleback Mountain in Maine three times. All hikes went straight up the face of the Saddleback Ski slope with almost 2,000 feet of evaluation over 1.8 miles.

Saddleback Mountain is the seventh tallest mountain in Maine standing at 4,116 feet with a gorgeous 360-degree view. On a clear day, you can see about 120 miles in all directions. I could see all the way to New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington all three days!

My last two hikes started around 3 am, and I reached the summit in about an hour. I was able to stargaze for about an hour before I watched the sunrise. What a glorious way to start the morning!

Click below to watch a quick video!

As you head into the weekend, I want you to consider the importance of gratitude. We find ourselves in tough times; no doubt. We can choose to focus on the events that frustrate us or we can decide to be grateful for all the small things. What are things we can find to be grateful for each and every day?

By the Numbers

300 adults, mostly college students who were seeking mental health counseling at a university, were involved in a recent study to explore the power of gratitude. A third of the group was instructed to write one letter of gratitude to another person each week for three weeks. The second group was asked to write about their deepest thoughts. The third group did not do any writing activity.

Those who wrote gratitude letters reported significantly better mental health 4-12 weeks after their writing exercise ended. Learn more about the power of gratitude and this study by clicking here!

The Power of Music

Check out this music video from an eclectic alternative rock band, The Flaming Lips. They are one of my favorite bands who is sometimes brave, frequently brilliant, and deliciously weird!

This is one of their greatest songs, “Do They Realize?” focused on taking time to appreciate the small things in life Click here to check it out.

Ways to Show Gratitude

Whether you are managing teams, family, friends or loved ones, here are 9 quick ways you can show gratitude regularly (click here).

You Always Have Enough

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

If today, what we find to be grateful for is small—having our health, relaxing a sunny day, enjoying a delicious dinner, stargazing on a clear night, climbing Saddleback Mountain—it is enough. When we are grateful, we find that we always have enough.

Workshop Updates

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