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My family and I were hiding in our apartment when we heard a loud whistle followed by an explosion. I am thrown backward and knocked unconscious as a Russian missile hits our building. Soon, I woke severely injured, but my only thought was for my wife and daughter. I drag them from our apartment to our car. In our car, I seek safety and shelter.

I drove frantically, hoping to escape, when Russian soldiers opened fire. My wife was hit by a stray bullet that proved to be fatal. I continued, eventually finding relative protection from a group of Ukraine soldiers. My daughter was taken to safety and was with other family members. I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

I heard the harrowing account earlier in the week told by a husband, father, and man who wanted nothing more than safety for his family. His story is one of hope and tragedy—a story of a one-person rising above his circumstances and attempting to protect his family. This man dug deep and found that inner strength to stand to meet the occasion.

As the war in Ukraine unfolds, we are witnessing men, women, and children elevating their existence by fighting for life, liberty, and the singular pursuit of happiness. They are fighting for everything that we have taken for granted. In the face of so much sacristy, they are finding abundance in their strength and will.

Throughout this war, I have been inspired by the Ukrainian resolve. From the comedian turned President, standing proud in the shadow of superior forces to the men and women fighting for their freedom to families that are leaving everything behind to survive, I am inspired.

Intentional leadership is about finding the inner strength to stand when everything tells you to stand down. It’s about knowing what you stand for and fighting for it. Fortunately, we are not facing the extreme conditions of our Ukrainian friends. So, can we learn to lead in a world where no one is forcing us to be a leader?

Being an intentional leader is not about great deeds or historic heroics; it’s about doing the little things that no one expects from us. It is about finding the will to do the hard stuff and challenging ourselves to be comfortable outside our comfort zone. As individuals and as leaders, we need to become more intentional in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

So, true believers, how do you stand and make a difference? Can you learn to accept others for who they are? Can you lean into something even if you are not ready? Can you embrace our diversity of thoughts and ideas, rising above conflict? The simple answer is a resounding “YES,” but the choice is entirely yours.

Intentional leaders find the strength, courage, and will to stand even in difficult and overwhelming situations. We do not wait for the war to land on our shores before standing. Stay strong. Stay inspired. And, most importantly, lead on—my friends. Lead on!

[TED] Lollipop Moment?

Check out this 2010 TED Talk by Drew Dudley. Drew shares a touching story about how one small action can change someone’s life, usually without realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.

Do you have a Lollipop Moment? Has someone’s small action had an impact on your life? Have you made a difference in someone’s life? Intentional Leaders find small remarkable ways to positively impact the lives of other.

The Crucible of War

What lesson can we learn from a comedian playing the President of his country on a TV show to rallying and leading his people against an unprovoked war?

Check out the fantastic Forbes article by Edward Segal –  “As Ukraine Resists Russian Invasion, Zelensky Demonstrates These Leadership Lessons.”

Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving hit the mark with this edition’s quote. Irving was America’s first great writer authoring such works as ‘Rip Van Winkle’ and ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.’

Intentional leaders understand that there are a thousand solutions for every problem only if we allow ourselves to see them.

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them.”
Washington Irving

The Intentional Leader Update

Forty-two and counting Amazon five-star ratings!

I have received thirty-three global reviews. I missed my March milestone to get to fifty reviews, but I am still motivated. How can you help? That is a great question. If you read The Intentional Leader and enjoyed your time with it, please go to Amazon and rate or leave a short review.




HR Power Hour!

David Ciullo interviewed me for his Career Management Associate’s HR Power Hour Radio. We had a fantastic conversation about The Intentional Leader and leadership transformation. Our Podcast is available at  – Tim Hebert – The Intentional Leader

Business Influencer Podcast

I was interviewed by Ninder Johal from Business Influencer Podcast this week. Ninder and I had an hour-long conversation regarding entrepreneurship, leadership, and my book, The Intentional Leader. It is pure magic to bring people together with a shared passion. In this case, Leadership! The show is expected to air sometime in April.

We’re Coming Back

It’s official! We are back! We have scheduled our first in-person Leadership Challenge workshops for Monday, June 20th, and Tuesday, June 21st, at Save the Bay’s beautiful waterfront location in Providence, Rhode Island.

The cost for this session is usually $1500/participant, but I want to offer you, my friends, a one-time discount celebrating the re-launch of Dirigo and getting back to in-person sessions (yeah!). For this session only, I will be offering the workshop for $500/person.

If you are not sure what the Leadership Challenge Workshop is all about, check out the details by visiting

If you are as excited as I am to finally be back in person, learning, growing, and having some fun – sign up today by emailing Erica at


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