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In my last Leading From the Edge issue, I talked about the very loud message our silence actually sends.

Silence equals compliance.

In a time in which we all need to speak out against racial inequity, greed, a lack of leadership… the list goes on… our silence can be downright dangerous.

But there’s another side to the coin of Silence. That side is Noise. From moment to moment, we get to choose what will win our attention and, most importantly, what we want to do with the messages that we receive.

As we head into the weekend, let’s think about how we can apply more deliberate filters to what we take in, and use what we take in to affect the most good.

Gratitude Amidst the Noise

When we get more deliberate with what we allow to consume our thoughts, we get more in touch with ourselves. And from there, our ability to appreciate life becomes greater.

I hope you will join me July 29 for my next Inspired event,  “What Brings Us Back Together? Gratitude.” I will be joined by special guest speaker Katie McDonald, CEO and Founder of bnourished, and we will lead a co-facilitated discussion on how gratitude is the key to happiness, contentment, faith, peace of mind, and successful relationships.

Click here to grab the details and register!

Video: ‘Pink Noise’

I got introduced to Kaki King from the 2007 movie “August Rush.” Kaki King is an American guitarist and composer. She is known for her percussive and jazz-tinged melodies, energetic live shows, use of multiple tunings, and diverse range in musical genres. What I love about this TED talk (click here) is how “in the moment” she is when performing and the pure innovation of her playing style.

On Quietness

When I get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of noise, I schedule time to find quietness. Sometimes, I find that solitude in hiking and getting closer to nature. Sometimes, I meditate. And other times, I find works of literature that inspire. This week, I revisited one of my favorites Rumi. He was a 13th century Persian poet who has been regarded as one the greatest spiritual master and poetic intellects.

In his poem “Quietness,” he shares his belief that you can be reborn or transformed, but first, you must die. Quietness portends that death requires you to be quiet—to stop running form your thoughts. Click here to read the poem!

Closing Our Ears

“I have often lamented that we cannot close our ears with as much ease as we can our eyes.” – Richard Steele

Choosing what to filter in and out requires a huge understanding of one’s self. But intentional leaders know what noise is important to take in and, more importantly, what noise needs to stay out.

What do you need to close your ears to?

Workshop Updates

Grab important workshop/conference updates below:

  • July 29, 5-6 pm: Inspired Leadership Series, Gratitude, Register here!
  • September 2: Inspired Leadership Series, save the date!
  • RESCHEDULED, ON Leadership Conference: Due to meeting capacity limitations that are expected to be in place until the end of 2020, we will be rescheduling ON for the Spring of 2021. Stay tuned for more!


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Tim Hebert