Good Morning Friends!


I hope your first week of November has been awesome; mine has certainly been busy!

We are less than two weeks away from the inaugural ON Leadership Conference, taking place Nov. 21 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick. The event will assemble professionals across all industries and professions as we explore how to successfully enact change.

If you have not done so already, I hope you’ll decide to join us! Registration closes tomorrow as we have just a few spots left before we become sold out. Grab details and register here!

Much of my week has been spent working on my capstone presentation, brainstorming cool engagement activities at ON, and meeting with our speakers. I can’t wait for Nov. 21!

As you head into the weekend, I’d love to leave you with a few small things you can do to support your leadership journey…

Claim Your Leadership ‘Identity’

Earlier this week, I sat down with one of our ON speakers Carole Ann Penney for a 5-question catch-up. Something she said really struck me. She said that oftentimes individuals can be “hesitant to claim our identity as leaders. We feel as though ‘Leadership’ is something outside of who we are—that it’s a someday destination, when we know the answers to every question and how to navigate every situation.”

Carole Ann’s response to those that think that way is to remember that “Leadership is a practice, and we’ve all been practicing it for the whole of our lives.”

I love that!

This week, consider whether you are claiming your leadership identity. You can read our whole catch-up by clicking here.

[Video] Resilience Against Odds

Talk about a feel-good video! Check out this short clip (click here) of how a high school senior defied the odds after a life-altering car crash and learned to run again. Talk about having the courage to stand up!

Show Appreciation

A staggering 79% of employees quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation (source). It’s an incredibly high number when you consider how little time it can take to show someone you value them.

As you head into next week, commit to telling one colleague how much you appreciate them. And make it meaningful. Get specific on why. You don’t need to manage others to model this behavior; let’s all try it together!

Your Ability to Lead

“You don’t need a title to be a leader.” –  Mark Sanborn

Though many of us implicitly believe this, it is worthy of repeating. Your title, or place within an org chart, has absolutely no bearing on your abiilty to lead.

So… what can you do differently next week with this mindset re-crystalized?



Warmest Regards,

Tim Hebert