Happy Holidays, Friends!


Phew! Where did 2021 go?

This year is almost over, and I can’t wait for 2021 to appear in our rearview mirrors. Goodbye, good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. How many of you can’t wait to turn the page to the new year?

With that said, I hope that you are excited about the prospects of 2022. I am looking forward to a new year and all the potential opportunities. Like April showers bring May flowers, this year will nurture next year’s vitally. All I can say is, “Bring it on!”

While this year has had its challenges, there certainly have been many bright spots. As I like to say, “with the rain comes rainbows.” This year I found my voice, discovering a renewed passion for writing prose and poetry. I am doing work that I thoroughly enjoy. I made new friends and learned that love is still possible. I held my first in-person leadership workshop in almost two years. The Intentional Leader was published, and it is receiving great reviews. And we hosted an incredible book launch celebration with sixty supporters.

But MOST Importantly, I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible through life’s many teaching moments. Let’s take a moment to reflect on one such lesson.

Late in the afternoon on December 9th, I drove to a venue called Machines with Magnets to help get ready for my book launch celebration. I was extremely nervous. All the attention would be on me, about me, and my book. I would be the center of attention, and the big, scary spotlight would follow me around all night.

As my guests started to pour in, I took a deep breath and settled down. The spotlight was on me, but not in the way I imagined. I talked about the journey of writing a book when asked, but I mostly listened to my guests as they shared their stories and their journeys.

Soon, I was inundated by stories of my influence on their lives – one called me the invisible hand that nudged them when they needed it the most. Several reminded me of some of the big moments, while others mentioned stories referenced in my book.

But most chronicled a conversation, a casual comment, a quiet moment, or a situation that I barely remembered. For me, it was something that needed to be said or done to get to the other side. However, it was earth-shattering, an awakening, or an inflection point for my friends. Many, it was a turning point for them, and there was no going back.

As intentional leaders, people watch what we do, listen to what we say, interpret how we say what we say, and evaluate and weigh each word and action. They are inspired, or they are debilitated. And it’s our choice on how we show up that determines which outcome.

I drove home that night thinking about all the lives that I had impacted positively. They were changed, whether from a significant, bold action or a simple comment made in a quiet moment. And consequently, I was changed.

So, as we approach the holiday season, can we find the time, patience, and humility to be a little more present, trust without limits, empower those around us, or simply connect or reconnect? Every word and action will have an impact; it’s your choice how it impacts others.

[VIDEO] Future Memories

This video selection, Memories Christmas Film – A Gift They’ll Never Forget, is a compelling message that should be at the heart of this Holiday Season. This year, I learned that life is too short, and you never know when it will slip away.

So, as you prepare to settle down with your friends and families, please be intentional about creating memories that will last beyond a lifetime.

[VIDEO] Feeling Through

I spend considerable time searching for videos that uniquely demonstrate the power of intentional leadership. Many of you know that leadership is a personal choice that affects each moment and decision.

This week, I discovered this gem of a short film (18 minutes) called Feeling Through. In this movie short, Tereek, a young man, tries hard not to reveal his lack of a home. He is desperately looking for a bed for the night, texting friends in hopes that he can crash with them. But just when something comes through, he finds himself helping out Artie, a deaf-blind man waiting for a bus home.

What happens next is a heartwarming story of a young leader making intentional choices to place some else’s best interests above his own. As you enjoy this diamond of a movie, what intentional leader lesson do you take away?

Measurable Impact

I am fortunate for whatever reason; I have the ability to positively impact those around me, whether I rounded up the neighborhood kids, built obstacles course, and trained to be superheroes. Or influencing co-workers to abandon the status quo and innovate. Or inspiring employees to take that leap of faith and work without a safety net. I found a way to impact others positively.

Check out this Forbes article, “9 Core Behaviors of People Who Positively Impact the World.” It’s a fascinating article on some tangible and measurable ways to impact the world around you positively.


Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor. Considered one of the 20th Century’s greatest humanitarians, she was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

This quote is a powerful reminder of the positive (or negative) impact we can have. If we live a life of intention, we will leave the world in a slightly better place.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa


The Intentional Leader Update

The book launch was a smashing success, and all had a great time. We avoided a COVID super-spreader event by keeping the attendance under sixty. We had incredible music, delicious food, and intimate conversation. I am still getting used to the whole book signing process – it seems so surreal.

I have hit my first promotional milestone! As of today, I have exceeded thirty-two Amazon five-star ratings. I have received twenty-five global reviews. So far, all feedback has been positive and very kind.

I would love to hear what you think. Feel free to send me a note. Even better would be an Amazon rating and review! Even though I have achieved my first milestone, I have many more to go. And next year, I will need even more reviews for Amazon to keep me integrated into the recommendation engine.




Growth Igniters

My recent Growth Igniters® Radio PodCast interview with Pam and Scott Harper was recorded on December 15th. Our discussion on intentional leadership and my new book, The Intentional Leader, will air on January 10th. Check out some past interviews with Growth Igniters® Radio:

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On Friday, January 7, I will be interviewed by David Ciullo for his Career Management Associate’s HR Power Hour Radio.


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