Good Morning Friends!


The last few weeks have been extremely difficult. I lost a dear friend and colleague, and not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the connection we shared. We might have had the formal relationship of employer-employee, but it was the informal, brotherly relationship that deepened our bond.

At his memorial service, I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues. When our world was turned upside down by COVID, many of us lost touch. Steadfastly, we vowed to stay connected and not allow tragedy to be the force that brings us together.

Intentional Leaders understand the importance of connectedness. They also realize how generosity directly plays into connectedness. The simple act of spending a little time with others significantly transforms relationships. Generosity is the bread and butter of feeling connected in our lives and to those around us. If done without expectation of a return, it always enhances the well-being of all involved.

With everything going on in the world, now is the time to be more generous than ever.

Generosity can manifest in many ways. It could be as simple as reaching out to someone with whom you’ve lost contact. It can mean having a meaningful conversation with the clerk at the supermarket. It could also mean volunteering your time or donating to a worthwhile cause. Or catching a teammate doing something right and sending them a heartfelt note of appreciation.

As you head into the weekend, consider how you give your time, talents and treasures to others. Is there room to do more? Is there a way to have an even more significant impact?

[TED]: Giver or Taker?

One of my favorite TED talks has long been Adam Grant’s “Are You a Giver or a Taker?” In his talk, Adam describes how every workplace is comprised of three basic kinds of people: givers, takers and matchers. How does each archetype either strengthen or hurt a culture of generosity? Click here to find out!

Pursuit of Happiness

Research finds it is hard to maintain our happiness, particularly as we get used to the things that make us happy over time and, as such, the pleasure that they provide gradually diminishes. This podcast (click here) is a great listen as to how meaningful acts of generosity play a core role in the maintaining happiness.

The Joy of Generosity

Did you know that generosity is actually contagious? Surveys show that generosity spreads as people witness other people giving. This infographic (click here) does an awesome job outlining the ripple effect of generosity. Who knew it also helped boost marital satisfaction?!

Create Your Own Urgency

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always been a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson, but this quote is especially powerful. We cannot wait to be kind, generous and giving. Instead, we need to create our own urgency and act in service of others now. So… what can you do for someone today?

A Cohort of Scholars

In less than 2 weeks, a cohort of disruptors and change-makers will come together for the inaugural Intentional Leader Executive Retreat. This group of leaders is special; a governing value that unites them is their insatiable quest for lifelong learning, evolution and expansion of thought. As this group comes together on Sept. 15, we will share their experience with all of you online; be sure to follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn!

As you think about your own leadership journey, I encourage you to learn more about the Retreat to see if it’s something you want for yourself (click here). We will be choosing the next cohort of scholars before we know it!


Warmest Regards,

Tim Hebert