The Intentional Leader

How inner authority can unleash strong leadership


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leadership is a choice: how will you stand up?

“In life we are tested every day, and we have the opportunity to stand up or sit down. Leadership is about choosing to stand up more than choosing to sit down.”

– Tim Hebert

Tim Hebert believes leadership is a choice. A choice you have the privilege to make over and over again. We see choice play out in both loud and quiet ways—like when someone runs towards the fire when everyone else runs away, or when someone pays for the coffee of the individual behind them. Great leaders choose to stand up more than they choose to sit down.

Tim has built a career on standing up, on seizing moments of intentional leadership, whether that has been choosing to overcome his debilitating struggle with dyslexia to become a published author and speaker, starting 20 companies since the age of 11 or choosing to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, despite the climb having only a 50% success rate. In this keynote, Tim explores the power of personal choice surrounding leadership, leaving attendees with a greater understanding of:

  • The power of failure in your leadership journey
  • The archetypes that define intentional, strategic leadership
  • The role the unguarded moment plays in creating space to see moments of leadership
  • How to leverage appropriate leadership techniques to live one’s life by design, not by default

By being the individual who can initiate change—rather than react to it—attendees leave empowered to make a positive impact on the lives of others and, in so doing, settle into a different leadership frame of mind.

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Time: 90-minute, 1-hour or 30-minute mini-keynote

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Target Event: Conferences and events centered around the themes of: entrepreneurship, business acumen, leadership development, professional and personal development, career inflection/transition, and self-care.

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