Cranston, Rhode Island – Monday, December 2, 2019 – More than 175 change-champions and business leaders filled the room Nov. 21 at the sold-out ON Leadership Conference, designed for attendees to dive deep into how to enact powerful moments of change. Leaders of all industries and professions had the chance to hear from a series of keynoters and TED-like speakers who delivered messages on how to navigate one’s leadership journey with heightened clarity and confidence.

The ON Leadership Conference was presented by Dirigo Leadership Consulting and national leadership activator Tim Hebert. The event was sponsored by NetEnrich, a full-stack technology service delivery provider; Aqueduct Technologies, specializing in IT solutions that span the private, hybrid and public clouds, is a next-level sponsor; Vertikal6, a full-service IT consultant serving the Greater New England area; and Animus Studios, a full-stack video marketing agency.

“It was truly an honor to share space with so many forward-thinking, change-oriented leaders at our inaugural ON Leadership Conference,” says Hebert, who delivered the closing keynote, focused on the power of personal choice surrounding leadership. “Our goal was to give community leaders the chance to hear from speakers and professionals who have propelled their lives forward by embracing the unknown, standing up in the face of adversity, and enacting powerful change in support of their leadership pursuits. It was amazing to see attendees spending the day leaning in to their biggest visions, calling to the mat what’s in the way, and resolving to take steps forward in honor of their dreams!”

Attendees from corporate America to entrepreneur circles came together to learn how to apply new-age leadership frameworks and methodologies to career challenges and opportunities. In addition to featuring Hebert as a keynoter, ON also welcomed to the big stage Orlando Bowen, a keynote speaker focused on “equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers on their teams and in the lives of those around them.” The inaugural ON Leadership Conference also a Lighting Talk Round of three speakers who delivered TED-like presentations: Ray Nuñez, Carole Ann Penney, and Trent Theroux.

Each of the speakers left actionable takeaways on how to continue to enact change successfully, including:

“As you think about how you can raise the bar and raise the floor, one of the practices that can really assist is to take action: Spend time/energy getting to know the interests, challenges and aspirations of those you serve with. When we genuinely seek to understand where our teammates are coming from, what drives them and what their aspirations are, it powerfully positions us to have a chance of raising the floor for them and in doing so, for our entire team and company.” – Orlando Bowen

“Invest in yourself! Take time to focus on your growth, your well-being, and your happiness. Although this change journey is wildly unpredictable, equipping yourself with the proper mindset and resources will guide you along your path. That investment will prepare you for inevitable change.” – Ray Nuñez

“Leadership isn’t about how much you know—it’s about how you show up when you don’t know. Your most important leadership tool is your navigation system, which you already have no matter where you are in your leadership journey. It is the compass that guides you forward. It draws on your core values, your sense of purpose and vision, and the strengths you bring to the table to help you navigate even when the way forward isn’t clear. You’ll hone this tool over the course of your leadership journey, but there’s no need to wait until you have it perfected—start practicing your authentic leadership now.” – Carole Ann Penney

“The days between Thanksgiving and New Years always feel like they are compressed. I try to think this way; it’s the same amount of time as the lazy days of August. Summer afternoons feel like they can go on forever. The reason is that we are relaxed and enjoying the sun and scenery around us. The same can be done in the holiday season. Walk a little slower, enjoy the scenery and a touch of cold on your nose. You might find the change of pace makes you feel warmer.” Trent Theroux

Planning is already underway for the 2020 ON Leadership Conference. To learn more about ON and join the event mailing list, click here.