When you think about the amount of change we go through in our professional and personal lives it can be astounding. In just 365 days, for example, someone can get a new job, have their first baby, negotiate their biggest client deal ever, buy a house, train for and complete their first marathon, rescue a dog, and then some!

With life moving at lightning speed, it can feel like our life is defined by a series of change moments that become the accelerators to whatever comes next. We receive a promotion that opens the door to our next big job. We move to a different town which paves the way for us to meet a new group of friends and colleagues. We lose a loved one which forces us to live in a world wildly different than the one we knew before.

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Because a series of change moments define our life, we can end up spending a great deal of time feeling uncomfortable, anxious and uneasy. After all, change is hard!

However, we can feel comfortable with change. We can get excited about the twists and turns that we both enact ourselves and are forced to react to.  When we start to view change as an opportunity in disguise, we open the door to newfound possibility in terms of our leadership potential.

A few weeks ago, I enacted a powerful moment of change of my own when I decided to begin my second act—leaving my three decades long IT career to focus on building my leadership development company and speaking platform. It’s been everything change is supposed to be—exciting, adventurous, uncertain, daring, unknown, thrilling and yes—at times—uncomfortable. But it’s a step forward to what’s next.

One result of this change is that I have been able to officially launch the ON Leadership Conference, taking place Nov. 21 in the Providence, Rhode Island, area. The half-day conference will assemble change-champions and growth-minded individuals who want to explore the power of change and uncover techniques for handling profound moments of change with heightened centeredness, confidence and control.

As many of you may know, for seven years, I hosted the AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium (AOS). This event allowed us to bring together more than 700 business leaders who were interested in exploring the intersection of technology, business, and leadership. It was one of my most favorite days, and I was able to share the same room with individuals who were passionate for meaningful transformation.

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In just a few short weeks, I will get to experience that feeling all over again with the introduction of ON. But this conference will be different. My team and I are committed to creating an event that is unlike other events.

We are focused on bringing in compelling speakers and thought leaders, as we are on creating a “wow” experience, centered upon real, authentic audience engagements. The event will be highly personal and meaningful.

From the moment you arrive, you will play a critical part in shaping the event. You will have the opportunity to participate in live polling, connect with attendees through our event mobile app, and engage in experiential activities with fellow attendees, among other highlights. We are also intentionally capping the number of seats so that we can have an intimate, safe setting. In that environment, we will explore the impact transitions, change and transformation have on our personal and professional lives. We will examine how we can all feel more comfortable with the turns and detours we take along the way on our leadership journey.

We are just days away from opening registration! If you are someone who believes that leadership is about an investment in one’s self, then we would love to have you there! Be sure to join our mailing list so you can be notified when registration opens.

Leadership can be an inspirational, emotional and challenging journey. We can’t wait to spend the day with you bringing a bit of clarity and calm to this journey, helping you recognize how change can be a critical catalyst in achieving the success you desire.

See you in the fall!