Business Leader and Consultant Tim Hebert launches his debut book
“The Intentional Leader”, sharing decades of rare wisdom.


Providence, RI, November 22, 2021: Business Leader and Consultant Tim Hebert, has released his debut book titled “The Intentional Leader: How Inner Authority Can Unleash Strong Leadership”. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a business leader and consultant, Herbert provides practical advice and broadly applicable guidance that will bolster business leaders across all industries. Available now on Amazon, The Intentional Leader is available in hard cover and Kindle formats.

With an engaging combination of high-profile case studies, first-hand experiences and enlightening research, The Intentional Leader is the essential guide to cultivating an authentic, effective and sustainable approach to leadership. From those decisive moments in which a difficult decision must be made, to the unguarded moments when our emotional, authentic selves manifest themselves for better or worse – this book explores the actions and outlooks that define leadership. The Intentional Leader clarifies that openness is key to genuinely effective leadership – as Emerson wrote, “The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is because man is disunited with himself.”

“A must-read for anyone who aspires to attain their peak powers as a leader. Hebert teaches us not only how to stay accountable to our vision but how to bring our core values into our daily operations and make leadership decisions from a place of deep integrity not expediency.”

―Chip Conley, author of Wisdom at Work and founder of Modern Elder Academy



About the Author

Tim Hebert is a keynote speaker, writer, workshop facilitator, and the CEO and Founder of Trilix, a business and technology consulting firm. During his tenure as CEO and President of Atrion, a leading IT services firm, from 1987-2016, Tim grew the company to annual revenues of over $170 million and over 260 employees. Atrion was recognized on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies for eight years running and was a mainstay on CRN’s Fastest-Growing Companies list.

Tim has spoken on intentional leadership, culture, and change at organizations such as Cisco, Panduit, Banco do Brasil, 1nservice, SUNY, NERCOMP, EANE, and Tech Collective, to name a few. He is the founder of the Always-On Symposium and the ON Conference.

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