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Tim Hebert

National Keynoter,
Leadership Activator,
Perennial Entrepreneur

"In life—whether at work, at home, or out in our communities—we have the choice to stand up or sit down. Intentional leadership is about being willing to stand up and lead in a world where no one is forcing you to be a leader. It’s about doing the little things that no one expects you to do to show that you care. As individuals and as leaders, we need to become more intentional in becoming the best versions of ourselves."

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Becoming an intentional leader is not unlike playing on the monkey bars. It requires you to let go of the rung behind you—that can hold you back from who you are meant to be—and reach forward to the new rung—which represents the opportunity to be a leader. Tim Hebert believes leadership is a personal choice. The choice to move forward to the next rung. To change your mindset. To do something extraordinary.

A national keynoter, workshop facilitator and coach, Tim helps companies and individuals elect for more intentional, purposeful leadership. He motivates the agents of change, the pioneers forever redefining leadership.

He inspires you to stand up, be thoughtful about your actions, and lead yourself and others to greatness.

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  • “Tim is an excellent storyteller. He is able to find a relevant example of whatever concept he is explaining. This helps the audience retain and fully understand the information.”

    Darlene Morris
    Rhode Island Quality Institute

  • “Tim does a good job of making the topic ‘approachable’ and relevant to the audience. His ability to insert related personal stories into his speeches helps audiences connect and empathize with him.”

    Kevin Brassard
    Nichols College

  • Tim is a catalyst for innovation. His energy created a spark in the minds of the audience; his facilitation nurtured that spark into flame. As others seek to replicate Tim’s successful approach, cutting-edge Apprenticeship models will continue to spread

    Andrew Cortes
    Apprenticeship RI

  • “Tim connects with the audience, delivering the message in a way that is significant to the listener. The audience can relate to him and derive value from his words.”

    Vanessa Toledo-Vickers
    Academy for Career Exploration

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Looking to bring Tim onto your stage for your next conference or convention? Click below to learn more about Tim’s capstone keynote “Leadership is a Choice: How Will You Stand Up?” and inquire about other custom speaking opportunities for your organization.

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Curious on the ingredients needed to a culture of excellence? Looking to incorporate strengths-based learning into your organization? Click below to learn more about Tim’s flagship workshops, including the two-day Leadership Challenge and StrengthsFinder training.

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